Universal Pre-K Program

The Childrens First Pre - School is a part of the Universal Pre-K program.

It is important for a child care center to be part of the Universal Pre-K program because traditionally prekindergarten has been viewed as an educational experience while child care has been perceived as caregiving to enable parents to work.

If you are interested in knowing if your child is ready to participate in the Universal Pre-K program you must consider the following:

  • child's ability to adjust to the demands of school
  • Basic abilities and knowledge in language and math
  • Be able to interact with others positively, pay attention, remember lessons taught, follow a teacher's directions, finish tasks, and practice independently what they have learned.
  • they must be able to control their emotions.
  • A child's readiness for school also depends on their physical health

Through our programs we teach children the skills they need to learn to read, do math, make progress in science and other areas, as well as, begin to understand the world and how it works. This helps children become more familiar with books, words and ways to use language, numbers and problem-solving strategies.

Programs and Services

We are committed to teaching our children character education, academic and social skills while building their self-confidence